Monique is the Office Manager for the practice.  Her role is to ensure that all business functions of the business are operating smoothly.  She serves as “air traffic controller” for the practice and works closely with the physicians to keep them informed, equipped and supported to provide exceptional care to our patients.  Monique has been with the practice since the opening and was instrumental in getting the doors open and making the new practice such a success.

Monique was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and moved to Beaufort County when less than a year old.     She has remained in the area and attended the University of South Carolina where she earned a BS in Business Administration.  She chose to go into healthcare when she lost her father at a young age to colon cancer.  In additional to her interest in the business side of healthcare, Monique states that her goal is to help people and provide outstanding customer service.  She maintains an open-door policy to everyone including patients and families.  When she is not working, Monique enjoys singing, dancing and spending time with her family.  She and her husband Ken welcomed their 2nd child into the world in October of 2011.  Baby Kennedy and her very active big brother KJ ensure that their house is seldom quiet.