Erin is a medical assistant for the practice.  In her role, she is responsible for ensuring that the back office duties such as updating medication lists, checking vital signs, and discussing the reason for the visit are obtained and then entering the information into the patient’s electronic medical record prior to the physician seeing the patient.  She enjoys talking with patients and hearing about how they have been since their last visit or getting acquainted with patients who are new to the practice.

Erin was born in California and raised in Waynesville, Missouri, population 4,000.  Waynesville was established in 1833 and most of the native population arrived by wagon train from states in the southeast including South Carolina.  After a stint in the navy where she met her husband, Erin relocated to South Carolina in 2000 and then to Bluffton in 2004.  She has five grown children and three beautiful grandchildren.  When she is not working, Erin enjoys sporting events and time with her family.