Internal Medicine is a medical specialty which focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of nonsurgical conditions in adults. This specialty has a number of subspecialties ranging from Nephrology, the study of the kidneys, to immunology, the study of allergies and immune system disorders. A doctor who is certified in this specialty is known as an Internist: many adults around the world use Internists as their primary care physicians. This medical specialty is incredibly varied, because it focuses on the whole body of the patient. Although the name suggests internal organs, internists also treat external conditions. Internists are often used to solve medical puzzles, since they are familiar with a wide range of medical conditions and their causes. Specialists in Internal Medicine treat people with all sorts of conditions, from hepatitis to cancer, and careers in internal medicine are incredibly varied. In our practice, Dr. Cummings specializes in Internal Medicine.

Family Medicine provides the majority of care for people of all backgrounds. Often called primary care physicians, family doctors create relationships with and serve entire families. This type of practice is a medical specialty devoted to comprehensive health care and is based on knowledge of the patient and his or her family history. A Family Practice physician performs many duties for patients of all ages, such as providing continuing healthcare for acute and chronic illnesses as well as emphasizing disease prevention. Taking care of the physical, emotional and mental health of patients and their families is the main goal of Family Practice physicians. These doctors typically are trained in all areas of medicine and have the ability to diagnose and treat a wide variety of symptoms and problems. They also provide preventative care, which includes routine checkups, immunizations, screening tests, health risk assessments and suggestions on how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Some of these doctors even deliver babies.  In our practice, Drs. Patel and Goetze specialize in Family Medicine.

Occupational Medicine is a category of medicine that involves medical studies and practices that have to do with injuries or illnesses that occur in or because of a patient's place of employment. This means a person who practices or studies Occupational Medicine cares for patients with injuries or health conditions that are directly related to his work and work environments. Likewise, a person in this field may study the manner in which a person’s health may affect his ability to work efficiently. A health care professional who specializes in Occupational Medicine may focus not only on treating work-related injuries, diseases, and conditions, but also on preventing them in the first place. There are many types of conditions that may be treated or prevented through the application of Occupational Medicine. For example, an office worker who spends much of his time typing documents and handling other computer tasks may suffer from repetitive stress injuries. A health care professional in the Occupational Medicine field may treat him for such injuries. In some cases, a person in this field may even work to help prevent workers from developing repetitive stress injuries instead of treating them after the fact. In our practice, Dr. Goetze specializes in Occupational Medicine.